About Us

L.F.I. Incorporated

L.F.I. Incorporated is a privately owned business and has been operating since 1982. Founded over 30 years ago by Mr. Antonio Lisanti, L.F.I. established itself and continues to be recognized as one of the leading quality food product importing companies in the United States. We supply the food service industry with high quality food products at a very competitive price and have a reputation for providing excellent customer service.


Mr. Lisanti (Antonio) personally sources out the products and packaging of all items that we import. Every year, Antonio travels country-by-country in search of the season’s best crops. Since his products primarily bear his name on it’s labels, his product selection standards are very high. His selection criteria include the need for products to be of superior and consistent quality to meet his standards and receive one of our trademarked labels “Antonio” and “Casa Primo”; or the labels of the customers we supply under their private label.


Complimented by our global transportation and product distribution management experience, our customers experience true “end-to-end” customer satisfaction. LFI imports globally and has the capability to bring containers into any port in the United States, with access to rail and trucks for delivery to our customers, based on their needs.